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Furniture Industry


The furniture industry is characterized by its labor-intensive nature and dynamic landscape, largely comprised of small and medium-sized enterprises. European Union furniture manufacturers enjoy a strong global reputation, attributed to their innovative design capabilities and agility in meeting evolving market demands.

MEDZES Components specializes in the development and manufacture of height-adjustable tables and other customizable applications. Additionally, we fulfill metal component orders tailored to client specifications.

With our extensive array of machinery and equipment, we guarantee diverse product processing options, including powder painting, chroming, galvanizing and electro galvanizing.

Our commitment to client satisfaction goes beyond competitive pricing; we provide exceptional service encompassing final delivery through our own fleet, creation of technical drawings, and customization of packaging to meet specific requirements.

MEDZES Components provides field leaders with metal components like:

  • Brackets

  • Angles and different hinges

  • Hooks

  • Chairs and table legs

  • Grill tables

MEDZES Components possesses the production capacity and expertise to accommodate various types of orders, whether it be large-scale mass production or small-batch sample designs

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