Metal bending is a process by which metal can be transformed when applying force to the subject, which causes it to bend at an angle and form the anticipated shape, which often results in it being in a ‘V’ or a ‘U’ shape.

Salvagnini ROBOFORMER: Robotic bending cell

Bending force: 190 t:

Max bending length: 4270mm:

Distance between housings: 3810mm:

Open height: 400mm:

Throat depth: 400mm:

SAFAN CNC press brake

Number of controlled axis 3:

Bending length 2000 mm:

Distance between column 2000 mm:

Bending force 32t:

Trumf TrumaBend - hydraulic press brake V85

Width 2000mm:

Open height: 365mm:

Tonnage 850kN.:

BLM E-TURN tube bending machine

Total versatility for tube, pipe, and profile bending:

In-process right-handed and left-handed bending, with fixed or variable radius, in single or multiple radius mode:

Automatic feeding system:

2 pcs Trumpf TrumaBend - hydraulic press brake V85S

Width 2500mm:

Open height: 365mm:

Tonnage 850kN:

Provided with ABB robot feeding:

AMADA press brake

Tonnage 500kN.

Open height: 200mm:

Speeds rapid 100mm/s:

Provided with ABB robot feeding:

Demo RIGHT UP NC press brake

Width 4000mm:

Bending force 210t:

DONEWELL CNC press brake

Bending force: 125t:

Max bending length: 3000 mm:

ERMAKSAN Speed-bend Pro 3100x175

Speed: 180m/s:

Bending force 175t:

Provided with ABB robot feeding:

RAS GIGABend 76.40

Dimensions L x W x H - 5480 x 2430 x 2000mm.

Bending length 4060mm:

Ideal bending solution from 0.5 to 6 mm mild steel:

Bending of panels and profiles:

Bending force 120t:

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